Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 19: Sparkle Tree Card


Cardstock, dark color
Rhinestones, 3mm
Gem Tac glue or other adhesive
Fine tip embossing tool
Silver thread
Sewing Needle

Step #1:
Free draw a ‘loopy’ Christmas tree (similar to this template).

Step #2:
Place on top of cardstock and with your embossing tool, lightly trace around the drawing – making an impression of your design into the cardstock.

Using a white pencil, draw dots on your design to indicate where to place rhinestones.

With glue, affix rhinestones to the card. Draw a star on top of the tree. With silver thread and needle, poke holes in the cardstock & sew the ‘rays’ of the star. Place a rhinestone in the middle of the star.

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