Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 14: Felt Treat Bags


- Roll of American Crafts Rick Rack Ribbon, Pool Blue

- Packet of Basic Grey Buttons

- 3 sheets of felt: 2 Red, 1 White,

- Mitten Template & Cuff Template

1: Trace your template on both red felt pieces, also trace to cuffs on the white felt piece, and cut out - (make sure you remember that the all these peices are going to be mirrored to one another).

2: Run hot glue along the edge of the glove (except for the top opening for the treats) and place the matching glove piece on top.

3. Tack glue to each end of the cuff and bottom edges and place at the top opening of glove, keeping in mind the opening for treats.

4. Tack Ribbon across the cuff and a button at the end.

* Tip try using another holiday themed design such as a Stocking Template or Heart Template. You could also stitch your design together instead of using hot glue.

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