Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 8: Holiday Pop-Up Card


- A-2 Folding Card

- Assorted paper (for decorating and covering the front of the card)

- Scissors

- Adhesive

Optional: You can also add a holiday greeting!

- Ribbon scraps

- Pens

- Embossing heat gun/embossing powder

- Holiday stamps/ink pads

- Assorted punches

Step 1:

Fold your card in half. You’re going to be making four cuts onto the folded seam side of the card.

Starting from the left side of your folded card (seam side toward you):

Cut 1: 2" deep

Cut 2: 1.5 " deep

Cut 3: 1.25" deep

Cut 4: 1" deep

Be sure to evenly space the cuts (about 1" apart) to ensure the presents inside are even.

Step 2:

Open the card to where you are looking at the inside, push on the back of the fold towards you and watch the present boxes pop out! Then close card to flatten all folds.

Step 3:

Decorate, decorate, decorate!

Add solid or patterned papers and embellishments to the cover of the card and the presents inside. Use some glitter ribbon on the presents for a festive effect!

Have fun and happy holidays!

- Seattle Paper Zone

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