Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 10: A Scalloped Christmas Tree

We saw this cute die-cut tree on the Life Style Crafts blog and couldn't resist making it here for our store. Our letterpress combo kit has become something like a store mascot here in Bellingham, we use it for everything and love any excuse to play with it. So with that in mind here's how we make the tree:

Step 1:
Stand facing the combo kit. You will want to gather up the Life Style Crafts nesting scalloped dies, your die cutting machine (we of course used the combo kit but you can use your cuddle bug or manual cutting machine of choice), a dowel, ink for edging and coloring your dowel, white craft glue (we used tacky glue but Elmers works just as well), a small cardboard square which will be your base, a 6x6 paper pad of your choice (we used Basic Gray's Nordic Holiday), a small amount of gold foil paper and a star shaped punch.

Step 2:
You will want to place your cutting die edge side up in the arm and place the paper over it. If you're being really clever about the layout you can fit several dies on one piece of paper.

Step 3:
Cut out 4 of each size of scallop.

Step 4:
Once all of your scallops are cut you may want to edge them with ink. I find that this creates a more finished look.

Step 5:
Now place the dowel in your cardboard base and cover the base with glue.

Step 6:
You will want to start putting the cut out scallops on the dowel starting with the largest and working to the smallest. I pre-punched a hole with an awl to make this step easier. I also found that putting the smallest dab of glue on the pre-punched hole before placing the scallop on the dowel kept the pieces spaced out nicely once they were on the dowel. The spacing of the pieces on the dowel is a matter of personal choice. I like them spaced out and kind of askew. Kelly prefers them one-on-top of the other and totally in line. I suppose it's all a matter of how you want your tree to look in the end.

Step 7:
Once all of the scalloped pieces are on the dowel you will want to top your tree. We used a foil star but you could use any fun shape or charm.


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